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[Pinned] [New Guild Members] READ FIRST

If you recently joined the guild and do not have forum access yet, please let an officer know.
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Chris Angel's Death - Goddammit Fish Called Wanda (1988) Overdrive (1986) Powers: International Man of M...
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On my way over!

Sorry it took so long, was helping old guildies do a bunch of Mythics on Alliance side. Character transfer in progress!
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Looking for AR Books, and...

King of "Mystery"Just because...
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Rainbow Siege Six Sell / Gold Trade

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Blizzcon '15

Who's in?I'm going to reserve a suite at the Hilton Anaheim. Let me know if anybody wants in on it.I also called up the hotel, it's filling super fast. Call very soon if you are wanting your own room.Edit regarding room: I have space for 10 people...
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[G2G] Cooperation Intention to Honored Guild Leader

I am from,which is a gamer to gamer platform that providing in-game currency/item/account and other service for gaming players.Its known that a guild can gain nice and valuable items after winning the raids or fights.As a guild leader, Hav...
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Challenge mode tips. -Blood DK BM Hunter Monk
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Monday BRF mount runs

I am making this post to see who is interested in killing mythic BH on Mondays to finish mounts for the guild. We will just roll until everyone has them. If we don't do it now when it is 100% I feel we will never do it.
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Farewell Comrades

With the end of the tier being so close, I suppose it is finally time to make this post. As many of you have guessed, I am no longer a part of the PK raid team. To each and every one of you who helped create the PK that I will remember forever, I ...
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Upstanding member of the guild."Respect for all members and people outside of the guild""Avoid negativity"
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6.2.0 PTR - AddOns

Hey,Looks like the patch is going to break some addons.Let me know if there is an extremely important one that you need if it isnt updated. I will look into getting it fixed. I can't make any promises :(Here are the two that I already fixed (I'll ...
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computer build

tell me whatcha think going for a mid range build, never built one from scratch. by the time anyone reads this ill prolly have already purchased it so oh well. It hits my price range on the nose. Anyway, did i d...
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Happy Birthday Jadoni

Happy Birthday man!
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Zevade Needs Blackrock Ore, True Iron Ore, and Nagrand Arrowbloom

Update: Only need 1100 Nagrand Arrowbloom now.I currently need: 2500 Blackrock Ore 2500 True Iron Ore 2500 1100 Nagrand Arrowbloom*I will pay about 70 silver per ore/herb depending on the market. Message me in-game if you want to trade. A...
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Yay fun!

Well after I finally got to play again and despite major button nerf, I had fun. Think I'm going to use bear though, the TMI on warrior is ridiculously scary.I hope to be geared up by the weekend so I have a worthy app by next week for bench or wh...
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DotA 2

Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone plays or is interested in playing. I stream on occasion on my other account and I'd really prefer to have a team to play with as even terrible people who listen to me are far far better than decent players t...
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i need help

The information im sharing is really important and i ask that you keep it to yourself and don't do anything that would jeopardize me in any way.a quick introduction i accidentally closed my first post without actually posting it so im going to rus...
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Challenge Mode, will pay :D

I am looking for some bad dudes or dudettes to help a friend and myself get Gold on the current CM list. If interested hit me up in game on my mage, Lukez, as opposed to using the forum/PM because I honestly doubt I'll be as attentive to any infor...
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Zorenn needs gold, and you need games!

Hey there. So basically the deal is that I need to stock up on gold for the next expansion. If you'd like to make a deal PM me here with what you want. I've been selling ROS for ~100k so that's what I'm looking for. Willing to do anything giftable...
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