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About Peachy Keen

Table of Contents

  1. Who We Are
  2. Our Goals
  3. Our Principles
  4. Trial Process
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Raid Schedule
  7. Raider Expectations
  8. How Do I Apply to the Guild?

Who We Are

Peachy Keen is a Mythic raiding guild on US-Stormreaver Horde that has been clearing all raid content since Icecrown Citadel in 2009. Our guild is run by a group of highly motivated, talented, smart, and dedicated players who always go above and beyond for the guild and every member. They are the ones that provide the structure and the stability that allows raiding to be fun, smooth, and most importantly, efficient.

Our Goals

We have two main goals in Peachy Keen. The first is to clear all content while it is relevant. This means we are always looking to get a full Mythic clear before each new raid tier or expansion is released. Our second goal is to have fun while doing the above. Each of us in Peachy Keen is playing this game to have fun and we don’t want the raid to feel like a second job. Guild rankings and top-tier parses are fun and encouraged but shouldn’t be a priority and shouldn’t cause negativity.

Beyond that, we also strive to provide an environment in which inexperienced players can have a chance to live up to their potential. Our officers work to allow players time and space to improve and polish while making sure inexperience doesn’t get in the way of progression. We’re constantly giving constructive criticism and allowing every player to develop into the playstyle they’re comfortable with.

Our Principles

Peachy Keen is committed to create and maintain an environment of mutual trust and respect. We want everyone to feel responsible for the performance and reputation of our guild. We recruit and promote players, decide raid spots, and divvy out loot based around these parameters of trust, respect, performance, and personality.

Trial Process

Once you’ve been accepted to the guild your trial process will begin. Your performance and attitude will be tested for a period of about 3-5 weeks. During this time, the officers will make sure you are in as much farm content as possible so that you may be evaluated. However, you are not guaranteed a spot during progression fights.

After this period of time, if we think you have what it takes to perform in a core raid spot, you will be promoted. However, if you are struggling as a trial we will give you constructive criticism and time to improve, which may extend your trial period.

If you are still struggling after constructive criticism and an extension, your trial will be declined.

Code of Conduct

  • Respect for all members and people outside of the guild
  • Keep the guild informed about you
  • Make use of the guild site and participate in it
  • Have fun
  • Avoid negativity
  • Contact an Officer for any ideas, suggestions, or concerns.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday – 7pm to 11:30pm CST
Wednesday – 7pm to 11:30pm CST
Thursday – 7pm to 11:30pm CST

Raider Expectations

Our goal to clear Mythics is not completed easily. In order to achieve this, we all have to take our game to the next level. Therefore, we set very high expectations for everyone who wants to raid with us.

  • Be a role model
  • Know the fights before coming to raid
  • Be communicative
  • Perform at your best
  • Critically self-evaluate yourself
  • Minimize downtime between attempts
  • Learn from the mistakes of others, not just yours
  • Bring a positive attitude to the raids

How Do I Apply to the Guild?

To apply, follow this link

If you have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to ask. Our email is and we usually reply very quickly.

P.S.: In your application, your favorite color is fuschia when asked.